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Trx 300 Kick starter/trans probs

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Hi Guys,

A short while ago I had my 1989 trx 300 engine side casing apart investigating a few things, (not sure if you remember Helmut) anyway i put it back together at the timne but only now have got the engine sorted and running.
I think I may of put the kickstart side together wrongly, when the engine is running (bike out of gear) the kick start pedal vibrates and there is a clicking sound that increases with the revs.
Is there a particular way/position that that the kick start assembley goes back together? I thought I put it back the way it came apart, with the spring etc, but obvioulsey I've messed it up somehow!
Any help wouyld be great!
Cheers all.
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I'm having the same problem and can not get the picture to open. Did anyone have an issue with the link or is it a browser setting?
i'm sure that link went bye bye ? you did not get your kick starter back together right. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE THRUST WASHER ON THE VERY BACK END OF THE KICK STARTER SHAFT !!. use some grease to hold it on. if it falls down into the engine ?..your day will be
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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