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TRX 300 fw 2000 wont idle

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IM working on this ATV for a customer and i have to keep my thumb on the throttle to keep the idle. Ive cleaned the carb already and readjusted the pilot screw to factory still a little varnish in bottom of bowl Ive cleaned main jet slow jet and starter jet and shot carb cleaner threw all ports as best as possible i have the throttle stop adjusted all the way to open throttle plate as much as possible but still stalls at idle and back fires a little bit on decelerate when riding any ideal>?
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air filter is brand new any other suggestions as far as takes on cleaning the carb i bought a carb dip solution but cant put plastic or rubber in it and i dont wanna mess with the throttle plate mount
ok ill double check it but first before i tear it apart i was just thinking of taking a little slack out of the throttle cable to at least get it to idle then maybe adjust the pilot screw more lean since its backfiring on decelerating let me know what u think about those steps
ok so here is what happened i got it to idle the throttle stop seems very touchy its ether to high or stalls so i get it to idle and i try setting the pilot screw to 2 1/4 turns out after seating it and i get no change in the rpms i can screw it all the way out or in and no change still misses im getting to my wits end with this carb ive taken it all apart twice to make sure it was as clean as possible im not sure what im doing wrong ive never had this much trouble do you have any other suggestions? is there something im missing? is it would a bad float needle cause this even tho it still has spring to it and the rubber tip seems fine no nics in it or anything
i didnt remove the main throat needle from its case i only pulled it out to clean the jet
is it possible that can stick? should i take it apart to clean it better?
ok thanks that makes sense i only cleaned it not rebuilt im still a young mechanic so i appreciate the help and patients do you know a site where i can get a rebuild kit?
i used a aresal carb cleanerim posative i got all the o-rings out before hand one thing i realized last night when i was working on it the rubber part on the priemer was all crumbled i think i need to rebuild that as well
1 - 8 of 19 Posts
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