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trx 300 copper exhaust gasket

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Hi everyone
recently bought a trx 300 needs a little work, one of the issues was a leaking exhaust where it joins the head.
I have a copper gasket from a top end gasket kit installed it but all the mounts are misaligned the exhaust needs to go back 10mm

nothing is mentioned in the service manual so question is -
is trx 300 suppose to have a gasket?
and how much does the gasket crush? enough for the exhaust to realign?
thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forums Ley , which 300 do you have the TRX300FW (4x4) or A (2x4) Fourtrax or the TRX300EX SporTrax

the way I do the copper washer on my 300 FW , put the washer in place , then start all the mounting bolts that hold the muffler to the frame but don't tighten them , tighten the exhaust pipe flange studs till snug but not over tighten , start the engine and let it get hot , then tighten the studs more , after those studs are tight , then tighten the mounting bolts
The flange will just about flush with the head , I just went outside and looked at a few of them of all different years

If your mounts are not aligning then you may have the wrong muffler / pipe for your year , there are different mufflers and the mounting holes don't line up and it sounds like that is what you got ---------------- do you know the year ? The 10th digit of the vin will ----------------- post a pic of your bike and the exhaust
well that is good news , the copper ring is hollow , after it is heated then it bends easily to get flat
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funny how simple things get passed by
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