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trx 300 copper exhaust gasket

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Hi everyone
recently bought a trx 300 needs a little work, one of the issues was a leaking exhaust where it joins the head.
I have a copper gasket from a top end gasket kit installed it but all the mounts are misaligned the exhaust needs to go back 10mm

nothing is mentioned in the service manual so question is -
is trx 300 suppose to have a gasket?
and how much does the gasket crush? enough for the exhaust to realign?
thanks in advance
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Thanks for the quick reply fish, i have a 300 2x4

Problem i have is i cant get the mounts in line, i think the copper gasket needs to crush more, didnt think of warming the engine up so will try this now
do you know if the flange is supose to bottom out agains the head? i can tighten the studs more but dont want to over tighten
Hi Fish took your advice had the engine fired up 1st time since the top end rebuild.
as it was warming up i could tighten the studs more (not over tightening)
and eventualy the flange was tight against the head and the holes aligned up!!

thanks again
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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