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TRX 300, Can I run a power inverter?

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Hi Guys!

Not sure which forum catogerie to list this under but anyway....

I have a Bigred trx 300 1989, it has or will have a new 12a/hr battery on it, I want to be able to run a laptop and a couple of of things charging like a satnav and phone whilst on the move (actually just those 3 items) can I use an 240 volt inverter on these batteries? like a 150 watt one? , it doesnt matter if need to keep the bike running as thats no problem for me, but I just want to be sure that the battery and loom etc will be ok?.

Thanks all.
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150w at 12 volts is about 12 amps, so keep the bike running and it shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, I wouldn't use it with all 150w, at least not for very long. For a couple phone chargers it won't be an issue. For a laptop a typical power supply is about 90w, give or take, but even that is a little ambiguous and would probably draw much less to charge.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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