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TRX 300, Can I run a power inverter?

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Hi Guys!

Not sure which forum catogerie to list this under but anyway....

I have a Bigred trx 300 1989, it has or will have a new 12a/hr battery on it, I want to be able to run a laptop and a couple of of things charging like a satnav and phone whilst on the move (actually just those 3 items) can I use an 240 volt inverter on these batteries? like a 150 watt one? , it doesnt matter if need to keep the bike running as thats no problem for me, but I just want to be sure that the battery and loom etc will be ok?.

Thanks all.
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Yeah presume engine will need to be ran, and yeah we have Bigreds here and just a few that are called Fourtrax, actually trying to find new 'Bigred, stickers but cant!
Ahh, thats a point, although I think the tank shape is a little different isnt it?
Bikebandit as good as it is only shows Foutrack stuff!
Thanks for that Pain, is there formula to work that out?
Taken all on board!! Thanks chaps, will let you know what and what doenst work.

1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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