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I have a TRX 250 and am near the end of my rope. It is a 1986. Starts great and runs great. Idles fine for about 15 to 20 minutes of use and then it just dies. The RPM just gradually sink until it dies and then it will die every time I let off the throttle. Adjusting the air screw under the carb helps but it only lifts the RPMs for a few minutes and then it dies. Air filter is new. Tried running without any air filter and it does the same. Went through the carb twice. Rebuilt with Alls Balls set. Replaced pilot jet twice now. Tried tweaking the pilot jet screw but no change in RPMs.

I did put an inline filter on it and I'm wondering if that could be restricting the gas flow. I see good flow with the throttle, but at idle I'm wondering if I just ain't pulling enough gas through the filter. But, at the same time, my spark plug is getting really dirty after about twenty minutes of use so how could I be lean? My plan is to remove the fuel filter (once amazon delivers a new length of hose).

After that, if it doesn't idle right, my only plan is to sell it and get a new recon. I hate to do that though for cost but also because I really like this atv. Other than a couple of dings, this thing is in very nice shape and complete, even with original front tires. My daughter and I spent a lot of time rebuilding the brakes, replacing brake cables, brake lights, and just generally tearing it down and cleaning it up and greasing everything. I really like it, but I got it so she could ride and I don't want her riding with an engine that won't idle right.

Is there something else I could be missing here?
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