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TRX 125 acceleration

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I still trying to get my TRX125 to accererate right. It starts and idles fine but when you crack the throttle open fast, it stalls and wants to die. If I ease into it, it runs great. I've cleaned the carb over and over and can't find any blocked passages and the jets are free and clear.
I have a #35 slow jet and a #92 main jet in it. It has a new air filter. I can't find any vacuum leaks at the intake gaskets or where the slide screws on. I've tried the adjustment on the jet needle in every position it has.
One thing I noticed yesterday after reinstalling the carb and trying it is that if I crack the throttle open real fast with the choke about half way on, it revs without hesitation. To me this indicates that's something is too lean or a vacuum leak. Any ideas on what to change?
Another question: does anyone know where I can find the specs on the inside diameters of the different sizes of slow jets for that carb (Keihin)? I can get a piece of wire through the #35. I measured the wire and it's
.0015". I tried the same wire on a #38 and it barely goes through. I would think it should goe through a lot easier than the #35.
Thanks in advance,
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