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For superior traction in harsh terrain look no further than the Milestar Patagonia M/T!

The high void tread design is engineered to provide aggressive biting edges while promoting self-cleaning. Staggered, off-center tread blocks provide increased traction while enhancing on-the-road performance. Alternating notched shoulder lugs improve off-road traction and prevent mud build-up while rugged sidewall edges create maximum grip to maneuver the vehicle through mud or rocky conditions. The Patagonia M/T’s 3-ply sidewall provides additional protection against impact damage, while stone ejectors combat stone drilling. Built to tackle rugged terrain anywhere you may want to explore, the Patagonia M/T will allow you to push your vehicle to the limit.

Patagonia M/T

Click here for online Patagonia M/T Availability and Pricing through Discount Tire Direct.

Also available in store by special order: Store Locator



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