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Trip to the shop

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Ok so I went to my local shop and asked about my piston and rings and he told me that wiseco does not make a standard size for my 250x that I would have bore it to the next size in total it will be *$270 he also said that my cylinder was fine with just a hone and that something had to be done to the rings so they won't touch when they get hot but I found a standard wiseco and gasket kit for 140 so what should I do remember I only have 400 bucks in it
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I don't think I'll go back to that dude but what has to be done to the rings or was that just bs
He was talking about grinding the end of the rings to the proper specs that they need to be. After your cylinder is bored and honed, you put your rings down in the cylinder, making sure they are setting square in the cylinder. You measure the end gap with feeler gauges. If they're not at specs, then you have to grind the ends of the rings until the right feeler gauge fits in between them. A repair manual will list the ring end gap specs.
Thanks guys would any one know that spec and the valve gap spec and I think that will do it till the next thing
I don't have a manual for a 250X, but here are the specs for the 300EX. I'm not sure if they are the same or not, but they probably are.

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I pretty sure they are the same Helmut. I mean they carry the same exact topend so they would be the same correct?
Yeah, they should be the same.
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