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Trip to the shop

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Ok so I went to my local shop and asked about my piston and rings and he told me that wiseco does not make a standard size for my 250x that I would have bore it to the next size in total it will be *$270 he also said that my cylinder was fine with just a hone and that something had to be done to the rings so they won't touch when they get hot but I found a standard wiseco and gasket kit for 140 so what should I do remember I only have 400 bucks in it
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UM yeah they do bro Piston kit number PK1021 $199.76 go to Wiseco Manufactures High Performance Forged Pistons & Performance Parts for Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Marine, and Automobiles do a product search for your quad you will see it there. you can order it from them and have your shop install it, when thy get done then you can rub it in their face. lol jk

Displacement: 246cc
Bore - Standard: 74.00mm
Bore - Actual: 74.00mm
Bore - Oversize: STD
Stroke: 57.3mm
Compression Ratio - Actual: 12:1
Valve: 4

2913XC - 74.00 MM RING SET
4440M07400 - 74MM HONDA TRX250X 87-92 2913XC
S523 - PIN-17MM X 2.4291"-UNCHROMED
W5463 - Gasket Kit-Hon TRX250X/TRX300EX 76mm
Honda TRX250X (4 valve) (1987 - 1992)
Instructions can be found on our Installation Manuals page.
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Yeah I got a manual but it would be tomorrow afternoon before I could help you, What year is your 250X?
I pretty sure they are the same Helmut. I mean they carry the same exact topend so they would be the same correct?
Glad we are here to help, but you can save yourself the money and do it yourself. it's really not that complicated but I do suggest getting a good Honda service manual.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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