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Transporting Upright Rubicon?

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New guy here with a quick question.

I have an '01 Honda Rubicon. We need to get two ATVs in the back end of my enclosed trailer and about the only way to make them fit is to stand the two of them side by side on their tail end. The other ATV is my buddies Yamaha (I think).

Anybody see any issues with this? Not concerned with the ability to tie them down, more concerned about what might happen to the fluids in the machines.

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I agree with moose. How wide is your trailer? You may be able to turn them side ways.
What kind of bracing do you have in the front wall? Could you hoist the front up and piggy back the other . That away they wont be straight up and down.
Or if you have to drain all the oil and gas and fill when you get there. Of course this will be a last resort.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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