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Trade Yamaha Blaster for Honda 250EX

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I have a Yamaha Blaster i have been trying to trade for another 4-wheeler, preferrably a Honda.I have a guy who has a 2001 Honda 250EX that he wants to trade me.I don't know a whole lot about fixing 4-wheelers and he say's he will trade me,but i have to fix the rear hub on the 250ex because the weld broke.Is this bad??Is it a easy fix?Was it suppose to be welded in the first place? Please Help!!!
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Welcome to the forums. The hub isn't supposed to be welded to the axle. The hub splines onto the axle. The splines are probably stripped and they have welded it on. You could probably just weld it back on, but if you want to fix it right, you will have to buy a new axle and hubs.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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