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hey guys i think im going to trade my 03 kfx 400 which might possibly be a z400 for a 07 honda rancher 400 4x4 , i would just like any input , heres the deal i already have another sport quad (kfx700) i think my a-arms are bent on my 400 and the axel and atleast 3 out of 4 wheels ....... the rear swing arm bearing i blown out like a hooker , needs a chain and rear sproket ... tie rods have been bent real bad and i put em in the vise to straighten for now .... bike is bone stock and has no ownership.......the honda has no ownership either but i looked at a frame for it on and it was 680 us funds i believe the kfx is almost 900 , im assuming you get a new title with a frame? any input on this would be great thanks ....- Jay
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