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Take the tank to any automotive paint store and they can match it. You should be able to get it in rattle can or paint gun style with reducer.

Just don't think you can use regular clear coat on a fuel tank. That clear is not resistant to spilled fuel enough. If rattle can is your method, you need to buy a can of the special 2k catalyzed clear coat that has the activator/hardener inside a small canister that is inside the larger rattle can. A special red cap is used to break the activator inside and then shake vigorously to mix the two. But have all of your de-rust, cleaning, primer and paint work done before activating the can because your pot time working life is only about 48 hours here. After that, it's too stiff inside the can to spray. Expect to pay about $28 USD per rattle can.

And hey - do this outside or use a respirator. It contains a form of cyanide - very nasty stuff if inhaled.


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