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Topend help

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my trx200sx runs and drives some what it idles fine but when I give it gas I can hear the topend I rebuilt the motor after the valves stuck and bent I put all new valves and cam chain and tensioners in it does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem I have done everything thanks
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That would make sence i can check all that im just not use to these small engines
Ive done that you go untill u feel it then go back one line and that didnt help. Im gunna clean the carb rn and check the timing again its like the 58 time i checked it but if its off that would make sence. When i got this bike and got it runing it had this same top end noise then the valve stuck and bent at.
I did put a new timing chain in it and i sized up the journals and they where good

And the valves didnt hit the pisten they just stuck to the head and bent when i took the head off i didnt see any dig marks as their would be if the valves smack the piston it just dont make sence it sounds like a kitten on an idle but as i give her any gas i hear the topend
They stuck to the head and bent. When i took head off i didnt see any dig marks. I still have the old valves if you want me to take a pic of them and i could send a video of the bike running then ill give it some gas so you can hear it
When i put the new valves in it i put all new guides and grounded the new valves. I think the pre owner ran some nasty gas in it and it gummed up everything cuz the carb was all gummed up too when i got it.
Hey guys anther crack at the 1986 trx200sx ive ran into some more problems with it it still has the same top end noise :sad when i give it gas but when i started to mess with it last week it started right up and ran great rode it around for a couple of hours then when i parked it i let it run and idle until it died i tried starting it back up and its not firing i bought a new carb and coil for it its getting fuel and spark now but still wont fire itll fire when i spray some carb cleaner into the carb it'll start up and run for 5 seconds then die does anybody have an idea of what could be the problem thanks.
Thanks guys for the help after sitting and thinking and reading all the reply's i checked the timing and it was a tooth off so i timed it and its running like new i'm gonna order a new chain adjuster because this one i think is slipping but ill keep you guys posted if it happens again with the new adjuster.. thanks again
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