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Tires ??

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I have a question I found some 22x7x10 tires for my 91-200D in the price range I can live with but the tires on it now are 22x8x10 I wonder if I can get them to bead up on the wider rime Anyone ever try or anyone think it can be done???
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well you did NOT list what your wheel size is in its width,
just cause your old tires are 22x8x10, doesn't mean your wheels are 8 inches wide, it means that the tires should measure 8 inches wide,
which means your wheels are most likely a BUNCH narrower than the tires are

so, a 1 inch difference should NOT be anything to worry about, minus less traction and side wall support, maybe some handling differences too!
but not a HUGE amount I would think!
so again, 22x7x10's should fit your wheels just fine!
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