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tires tearing up fenders

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i have a 09 rubicon with 28 in outlaws and a 2 in lift. i have 28x9.5s on the front and 28x12.5s on the back. the fronts are hitting the support structure for the fenders when i turn the wheels all the way. does anyone know where i can get some kind of aftermarket fender kit?
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I've had that problem and the only fix that I have found is to either use smaller tires or do like I did and cut the fender brackets off and get you some 1/4" galvanized steel rod and bend it to hold the fender out of the way enough that when the shock is compressed it does not rub then weld it in place. It does take a little thinking and fitting before you weld it though. Oh and make sure your tires are turned when the shock is compressed before you weld so you can be sure it is not touching......Hope this helps.
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