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well this is always a loaded question, as NO tie does great every where, you really need to ask yourself what do you ride in MOST and buya tire for that
deep big lugs on mud tires do NOT work the best on ice, or any hard ground period, they do not have much contact surface or many edges to grab?
they work GREAT in deep mud or deeper WET heavy snow and that's about it
YES many live with there down sides in other places due to they like how they work in mud and well, many just like the looks of very aggressive tires LOL

SO< a tire that OK In most all things, will be an all terrian tire, like a pit bull growlers , bighorn's, bearclaw's these tires work well in most ALL places but are NOT great MUD tires, if you follow! but work a lot better in snow and ice and on gravel/hard pack roads than a pure mud tire ever will
the key to good snow tires will be lots of edges to grab and push you forward and or have bite in corners and keep you planted!

better mud tirs but will OK all over will be tires like 589's, mudbugs, Kenda Executioner and sure others can recommend more
but these all get my votes
I live in a snow belt, but DON"T Mud ride a lot, and I run 589's and very happy all yr on trails and snow and what mud I get into and they werar like iron, maybe there down fall, as most tires that wear very long tend to be heavier than others> weight in a tire robs power and takes away some handling, so, like all things, pro's and con's

but best advice is BUY a tire that works best in what you drive in MOST and not vise versa!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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