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Tires For Plowing With A 2018 Foreman

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Just getting into plowing with the Foreman this winter. My Yamaha snow blower is on it’s last legs, so bought a Warn Provantage 60” plow setup for the Foreman. These newer locker 4X4 Honda’s get good traction. What I’m wondering is, what should I do for tires? I’ve been considering getting some 27” Zillas. My other option is to put the almost new Foreman tires on the 08 Rancher. Take the 12” wheels and 25” tires from the Rancher and just put chains on them for plowing. The Rancher tires are getting old so tearing them up with chains would be no big deal. Eventually though, I’ll need some new tires on the workhorse Foreman. What are the best tires out there for plowing?
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The 9 + 11 will fit.. and the Ripsaws are an amazing tire.. just a little heavy.. but hold up great and get great traction & ride smooth
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