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Tire Advice Needed

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First time posting on this forum hopefuully this is the correct area for my question. I recently acquired a 2002 Honda Rancher 2x4 350 ES. The tires are BALD. My next door neighbor happened to have 4 ATV tires that are used but are much better than the ones I have on it. The current tires/ rims are front 24x8-12 and the rears are 25x11-10.
The new tires I want to put on are front 25x8-12 and the rears are 25x10-12. I think the fronts should be just fine on the current rims, and obviously I would need to buy new 12 inch rims for the rears. If I do this, will these new tires and new rear rims work on this quad? It is going to primary be used for dragging baseball fields and maybe some light trail riding. I just don't want to go buy two new rear rims and then find out this combination won't work. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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another way you might handle it , the dealerships around here sell what they call take offs , people buy a new atv and want an upgrade on tires and rims , they take the stock tires off and sell the complete set for $200 , 4 new tires , rims , center caps , valves stems already mounted and full of air ---by the time you buy 2 rims and pay for dismounting and mounting you might be half of that price for 1/2 worn tires
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