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timing marks and adjusting valves

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I have a 2000 400 Honda Foreman Fourtrax. I replaced the piston and rings, now having problem setting the timing and adjusting valves. I cannot get it to start. Anyone have any suggestions???
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When cranking over it is blowing the gas into the air cleaner and sucking in at the exhaust. Any other suggestions??
Sounds like it's out of time. Did you put the cam in with the lobes facing down?
never had cam out had sleeve put in jug and replaced piston and rings
Was it running when you tore it down and put the sleeve, piston and rings in?
Wait a minute, I think I'm confused. Let's start over. In the original post, were you asking me about how to set the timing and adjust the valves or were you just asking me about setting the valves? I think I misunderstood you.

You shouldn't need to mess with the timing if all you did was replace the cylinder, piston and rings.
When you set the valves, did you have the piston on the compression stroke?
When cranking over it is blowing the gas into the air cleaner and sucking in at the exhaust.
This is what makes me think it's out of time. It sounds like the valves are opening at the wrong time. If you're sure it's in time and the valves are adjusted right, I'm at a loss.

You probably know this, but I need to ask to be sure. You know that when the "T" mark on the flywheel is lined up and the piston is on TDC, you can be on the compression stoke or the exhaust stroke, right? I'm just trying to make sure you didn't set the valves with the piston on TDC on the exhaust stroke, instead of the compression stroke.
Usually, when they blow back out the carb or suck back through the exhaust, that means they're out of time or you have bent valves. If it's in time right, I can't figure it out, unless both valves are bent. I'm lost on it.
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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