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timing marks and adjusting valves

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I have a 2000 400 Honda Foreman Fourtrax. I replaced the piston and rings, now having problem setting the timing and adjusting valves. I cannot get it to start. Anyone have any suggestions???
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thanks will give it a try
I tried setting the timing mark on the T top dead center on the compression stroke, set the valves and still didn't start. When cranking over it is blowing the gas into the air cleaner and sucking in at the exhaust. Any other suggestions??
never had cam out had sleeve put in jug and replaced piston and rings
yes justed smoked bad my son got it in mudhole over seat and let it quit . i took it to a local shop had it overhauled got it back it was still smoking. when i pulled jug and piston bore size was way oversized piston was very loose no idea how it was running.
sorry that was my fault i did say timming and valves. that was all i repleced was piston and rings my first time into this eng just thinking it was out of time somehow because how it was is acking when cranking over thanks for taking time to help
yes comp stroke piston on top
yes its on comp stroke i have tryed it both ways still doing the same thing i have been at a loss 3 days of working on it on and off
had both valves out look good replaced valve seals. just cant see what could be wrong could the cam have got out somehow
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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