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Timing Mark Help

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I'm still getting a ticking noise even after replacing my timing chain. Started wondering if I'm using the wrong mark on the flywheel. I've known there was a second mark just past where I've been using but I could clearly see the "T" on the top mark, so that's what I use. My eyes aren't so good. Today I pulled the cover off my spare to get a good look at the flywheel. Now I'm thinking I should be using the lower mark with the "T" turned sideways.

Which is it?


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If the cam journals are good and the compression release cam/lever is not bouncing off of the rocker arm while its running, my guess is that it might be a slight exhaust gasket leak on one of the header pipes. Sometimes those two pipes don't fit the same (difficult to center each of them perfectly over the exhaust ports) after they are unbolted from the head the first time.
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I'd look at swapping in a different chain tensioner next then. Sometimes they don't hold on to their full extension against the chain guide very well... I've seen them give up a couple clicks and be sloppy while the motor is running, yet be fully extended again once the motor is shut down. They're difficult to pin down... so easiest is swap one in and see it it makes a difference?

It sounds like you fixed the pipes already. I don't know why, but sometimes they seem to get sprung out of line the moment you take them off. :)
Well it sounds like you've ruled almost everything out except for the rocker arms and shafts? Did those shafts look worn at all (the intake rocker shaft wears the fastest of the two) when you had them out of the cover?
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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