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ticking valves

the 2000es 450 had 1,200ms on it when i got it. it began ticking, plus some had other problems. the dealer i sent it to, told me not to expect the ticking to be quieter, after valve adjustment. they also changed oil, worked on carburetor. the only thing that was done right was adjust valves. ticking was way quieter after that. all the other work that was done, i've had to come behind them and correct it. i think when they worked on my bike, it was just under 4,500 miles. when you learn how to do this work yourself, you save money, the job gets done as good as you make it. i had problems that winter, an didnt want to get outside in the cold. never again. better sitting, that turned over to someone less qualified. :wink
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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