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Hi my 2003 trx400ex that has a 440 big bore kit has a throttling issue,,,,,it takes a good 5 to7 full mins to idle and the choke don't do a darn thing to help the choke mide as well not even be ther ,I have to keep a little throttle till it warms up and as im doing this theres a little paus evry so often but when it gets good and warm it idles"it idles fine when warmed up",,,,,but if i push the throttle real fast the engine dies,,but if I give it the least amount of throttle then jam as fast as I can it revs up all the way to full throttl just fine,,,,I messed around with fuel/air mixture screw and that big fat idle screw that's in front of the fuel air mixture screw ,,after that,sometimes I can hit the throttle real fast and it revs like its supposed to and some times there's a hesitation then the full rev happens .........pleas give me some advice,,,,,would like to get it sorted out befor I mess something up
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