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Thoughts/opinions on a NEW 08 TRX450ER purchase.

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Hey Guys-

I'm going back and forth on a new 08 TRX450 purchase. How does this machine compare to say a 09/10 yfz450? I know everyone will have their preferences but I'm wondering since the 08 TRX is already 3 years old how well it comes to the newer models? Does the lack of FI hurt the machine compare to others?

Also, I have a chance to pick one up about a 2 1/2 drive from my house for $500 cheaper than a dealer 2 secs from my house who is already "blowing them" out. My local dealer is selling them for 4199 plus 300 set-up, misc +tax. Comes out to be around $5050 OTD. Same out of the crate 08 elec start 2+ hours away is $4545 OTD. The one farther away has all 3 colors and my local one just the red one. You guys think it is worth it for the drive to save the extra money?

Anyone have the black/blue flames model? Never seen it in person but it looks pretty cool on line :)

Any comments and opinions are appreciated!
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I personally do not really know how it compares to the other models. I believe in stock trim it is falling to the back of the pack. I love the 450R! They all have thier pros and cons. As far as the blue flamed one. They had one at the local dealer. It is nice looking. Most I see are red and black. Get the blueflames.
Does it cost 500 dollars to drive 2 1/2 hours. If it does than the trip is not worth it.

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