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This will either make you cringe or interest you

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While back my family had to borrow my uncle's pushmower he never uses bc our's gave out. Well, we learned that the mower he gave us was a piece of crap, especially considering it smokes and shakes like crazy anytime you run it. Now that I know more about small engines I got bored today and figured I clean air filter and Carb. I must say I've never seen a carburetor this filthy and idk how that Briggs n Stratton still cranked and ran fine once it cranked. Just shows how sad things look when you don't take care of em properly


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What kills me is that people don't understand just how long things will last with just easy routine maintenance!
You got me. I'm more surprised that my Uncle worked in a Honda dealership working on engines they got in for like 7 years, he does great job taking care of his stuff at his house (his kids used to race dirtbikes so he has a nice collection)

Maybe he just didn't worry with it bc he didn't use it anymore lol. He is proud owner of a zero turn, he don't need his push mower lol
Ewww. Nasty. Is that rust or junk? Or is it a combo of both lol
Junk and a whole lot of it. Got some Q-Tips and a wire brush and had at it on that carb. Didn't come spotless but came close. As for the Air filter. . . I'm just going to have to put it in other way bc that thing didn't come very clean. You should see the mower. Rusted and looks like crap lol
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A buddy of mine nicknamed it Smokey. Here's the after pics and pic of smokey. Guess I can't just flip air filter around afterall, it only goes in one way.


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