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The Great Honda tick! Lil guidance please

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2003 Honda rancher 350 FM. New jug, piston and rings, top end, cam/timing chain, exhaust gasket, tensioner, and cam bearing. Adjusted valves in cold engine to spec, .006. starts and runs great, just have the ticking noise that I'm pretty sure it's coming from the top, like the valves. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions.
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What can chain did you use? Did you replace the cam gear also? Valves lapped in properly? Piston & rings are matched to the jug, yes?

Need a more detailed description to answer in detail.

Edit: All Hondas ‘tick’, maybe take a video to help us help you :)
Has this been diagnosed yet? A worn con rod (little end/piston end) will cause a tick. Other than adjustments through the break in period there's not a lot else it could be if everything has been replaced.
The big end (crank end) of the con rod usually give s much more substantial noise, you'd call it a knock rather than a tap or tick.
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