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The Great Honda tick! Lil guidance please

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2003 Honda rancher 350 FM. New jug, piston and rings, top end, cam/timing chain, exhaust gasket, tensioner, and cam bearing. Adjusted valves in cold engine to spec, .006. starts and runs great, just have the ticking noise that I'm pretty sure it's coming from the top, like the valves. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions.
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definitely not normal - Check for a bent push rod, or worn lifter/bucket assembly.
Yes I agree. It does not sound like anything lower than the valve train. It just may not be adjusted tight enough either. I always make the adjustment on the tight side of the range.......maybe a little tighter than that. I do know that all honda engine can be made quiet.........they are not ticking if everything is good.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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