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The Great Honda tick! Lil guidance please

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2003 Honda rancher 350 FM. New jug, piston and rings, top end, cam/timing chain, exhaust gasket, tensioner, and cam bearing. Adjusted valves in cold engine to spec, .006. starts and runs great, just have the ticking noise that I'm pretty sure it's coming from the top, like the valves. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions.
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I bought an OEM Honda brand cam chain new. The top is brand new aftermarket also, the whole top end, springs, valves, wine nine yards! Jug, piston and rings came together new as well. I've never done the video thing before but I'll try in the morning!
Here's the video. Motor was running probably 2 to 3 minutes before I took this video, ticking from the start though.
New motor (jug up) never sunk. Didn't have a lot of play/slack really. Seemed normal
Had a brain fart and realized the other day what you were talking about. I actually didn't pay attention about the play around the wrist pin and whatnot. It'll be later that I'll be able to check that. After looking at some videos and whatnot, I'm starting to think that I bet the piston rod is shot and splitting the case and getting a piston arm kit are in the near future. Never split the case before so kinda nervous. I'll update my findings when I get the chance.
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When I been taking it apart, the push rods and everything looked good. After the jug and piston replacement I redid my work to replace the cam chain, which I checked the cam and everything that looked good. I'll recheck everything though. Gotta do honeydo's first. Been putting a lotta stuff off working on this rig in my spare time, surprised the wife hasn't killed me yet! Thanks for the advise! Like I said, hopefully soon I'll message my findings.
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