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First, nice post and agree with others, a glimpse of the "possible" future. I must admit, the post reminds me of what occurred in vehicles over the past 30 years, many electronics, hybrids, etc., and one could argue vehicles are far better today vs. 30 years ago. Obviously, some people may see it differently, but there is no question vehicles today are very different when you look at the level of electronics vs. those 30 years ago and I would not want to see that level of complexity come to ATV's. In the case of ATV's, I personally think the "market place" will not allow it to happen quite the way some engineer envisions. As an example, Polaris can't give away (well may they could give it away, LOL), the electric Polaris Rangers vs. a full line of high end, high horsepower seat ripping units, so I see the market place dictating this outcome.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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