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Clarity Research ATV Owner Survey Invitation

30 potential features that could be offered on a future ATV.

Color Display w/ Smartphone Interface

Using Bluetooth connection, vehicle display will mirror smart phone for access to navi and other limited applications.

Electric Vehicle

Powered by electric motor with rechargeable batteries instead of a conventional gas engine.

Four Wheel Steering

All four wheels of the vehicle are turned during steering to improve stability of turning at high speed and reduce turn radius at low speed.

Data Logger

Record, analyze, and share ride information including distance traveled, speed, throttle opening, vehicle angle, lap timer, etc.

Performance Character Modes

User-selectable modes that vary power and handling character to suit specific terrain and usage (Dirt, Sand, Snow, Comfort, Sport, etc.).

Torque Vectoring

Electronic system that distributes power to independent wheels to increase cornering performance.

Height Adjustable Suspension

Driver can adjust vehicle ride height to improve ground clearance, handling, ease of loading, mud-bogging performance, etc.

Electric Boost Motor

An additional electric motor to boost performance of the gas engine for increased acceleration and power.

Idle Stop

Improves fuel economy and range by automatically shutting down and restarting the engine in stop and go situations.

Active Handling Package

System improves handling character by adjusting suspension, steering, and vehicle rigidity settings based on sensor input.

Smart Key

Engine can be started with the push of a button while the key remains in the rider’s pocket, digitally coded key reduces possibility of theft.

Tire Pressure Control

Allows the rider to monitor and adjust tire pressure electronically, including to fill a flat.

Detachable Handlebar Headlight

Handlebar mounted headlight is detachable and can be used like a flashlight.

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle to vehicle communication system that alerts driver of on-coming vehicles and locational information of other vehicles in the group.

Standardized Attachment System

Universal connection system to make application and removal of accessories faster and easier.

Adjustable Ergonomics

Multi-directional adjustability of seat, handlebars, and footpegs.

"Follow Me" Mode

Vehicle automatically follows a person with a wearable transponder at a specified distance.

Exhaust Mode Selection

Button that allows driver to select various performance and noise settings based on exhaust valve opening.

GPS Anti-Theft

Theft deterrent system allows the owner to track the location of the vehicle at all times using smart phone.

Vehicle Range

Provides an estimated number of miles remaining before the fuel tank is empty.

Active Rollover Protection

When an impending rollover is detected, the system applies brakes at specific wheels to reduce the likelihood of the rollover occurring.

Diagnostic / Maintenance System

System notifies the driver when maintenance is suggested and provides detailed information about any problems with the vehicle.

Temperature Comfort Package

System improves comfort at various temperatures with heated/ventilated seats, heated grips, and leg area heater.

Hill Start Assist

When stopped on a hill, brakes are automatically applied to keep the vehicle from rolling before the operator applies throttle.

Emergency Response

Button calls for help in the event of a serious crash.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Integrated cellular antenna that provides improved reception for riders in remote areas and connectivity services such as internet-powered apps and emergency response.

Comment to Clarity from LaPue: Honda has earned its great reputation due to simplicity and durability of design. While I appreciate this is just research, it makes me appreciate the machine I have, and hopefully I will not have to upgrade to a new machine with a bunch of irrelevant features that make it yet more complex. The goal is to ride, not sit on a traveling couch with air conditioned coffee machines.

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This is a good place to voice your opinion. The survey from Clarity for Honda just shows that they are considering lots of options, but listening to what we really want. There is no telling what they will actually do, but now is the time to hear some real opinions.

Seems that a computer on-board is likely part of the equation. "Follow me" mode would be great! I could put 200 stakes in the quad trailer, survey along, and just whistle and the darn thing would come to me. I wouldn't have to walk backwards anymore. Or I could shoot that Mastodon and just whistle and the quad and trailer would just show up.
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