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This is a good place to voice your opinion. The survey from Clarity for Honda just shows that they are considering lots of options, but listening to what we really want. There is no telling what they will actually do, but now is the time to hear some real opinions.

Seems that a computer on-board is likely part of the equation. "Follow me" mode would be great! I could put 200 stakes in the quad trailer, survey along, and just whistle and the darn thing would come to me. I wouldn't have to walk backwards anymore. Or I could shoot that Mastodon and just whistle and the quad and trailer would just show up.
Okay, no joking , a detachable head lamp @Mac (what i ment was they should have be standard on all utility atvs and an option for sport models) lol

on the new model detachable head light , n MAYBE the data log system....... Heated grips and seat YES

I don't know about that follow me. Mode ? I just don't like some of us have been flattened (by accident) what happens when all those electronic tracking parts get all slop covered ? Not to mention cost of repair.......

Range tracker? Maybe.... I would think it would be no good for those of us who ride the same ol trails....JMHO
I had a pretty good laugh at the follow me thing. I mean without sime kind of RTK your looking at 3m accuracy at best, which means if it follows you any closer than that you'r probably going to end up getting run over. Not to mention it wouldn't work anywhere except maybe an open field or parking lot since A) trees obstruct the satellite signal and B) ATV's can't run over big trees or lakes, or things like that lol.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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