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Thanks for the Value Update! Looking to Sell!

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Thanks for giving me a value for the two ranchers! I live in belleville Illinois and am looking to sell both of the atvs if there is any interest out there? I will be back in town by june 10th and can get you all the little details and pictures! thanx!
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Willing to work with you!

I will not be back til around june 10th! I want to make sure of the mileage and stuff but would be able to cut the price for sure if you want both! I am pretty sure I could sell them for between 2500 and 3000. Like I said they were used by a suburban family, not hunters or partying teenagers who were hard on them! So condintion should be premium. Are you in the area close to St. louis? What do you think about 4500 for both?
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