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Just finished up installing my Terra 35 this muggy evening. No point in doing install pics because 90% of the install was done just like several others that have documented theirs. I used a KFI mounting plate and trimmed as little plastic as possible around the long end of the winch. I didn't trim any on the other end, but I may later on to make it easier to access the gearbox clutch. I ran the power cables up over the radiator and followed other wiring down the frame into the battery compartment. The only big difference was that I installed everything into the battery compartment instead of putting stuff in the storage box or hanging it off the frame somewhere. My Terra 35 came with a plastic box for the breakers, but I couldn't get it fit into the battery compartment and still get the rack bolted back down. I ended up removing the box and taping up the breakers nice and thick with good 3M electrical tape. If I'd had some plasti-dip, I would have used it instead.

I rode the VFR to the nearest Honda dealer today (about 40 miles away) and picked up an accessory wiring harness so that I could tap a switched hot wire without cutting into the loom. I beat the rain home by about 10 minutes. I will likely install a plug receptacle sometime or other now that I've got the wiring for one. It will take about 5 minutes to drill the hole and plug it in. I mounted the winch's remote receptacle is on the instrument cowl like I've seen here on the forum. I added an SAE connector to the battery while I was at it to run my 15 gallon sprayer and have easy access for a Battery Tender.

I guess I need to post at least one pic or it didn't happen.
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