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Temp light and fan won't shut off

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Hi I have a 03 rancher 350es 4x4. I have two issues. The first is oil doesn't show on the dip stick and there's the correct amount of oil in the motor and I ran it. It looks like it's all on the left side of the motor. The oil pump is pumping oil good to the other side of the oil cooler. I know this because I disconnected the line going back to the motor and it was coming out. Maybe a clog inside the motor?
Problem two is the temp light and fan won't stop running. Please help!
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Your temp sensor is on the right side of the block. Your motor is sensing overheat condition and may be overheating

Check out the lubrication schematic for your model
You may have a bad sensor; there is a troubleshooting guide in the service manual that shows you how to check it and the fan control with a multimeter.

There鈥檚 a clog there somewhere. How old is the oil?
Oops sorry bout the misdirection; from this cable diagram looks to be just inboard of the left toe. If the wire connection has been knocked loose and grounded to the case it will also cause the oil temp sensor system to energize

another goofy thing about this model is there鈥檚 a fill plug on one side and a dip stick on the other. Are you sure the oil is trapped on the left side? Carefully read your service manual.


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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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