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Tell me it's the clutch ?

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I have a 2001 rubi, tore down last winter fixed the hondamatic, replaced the oil pump, after it warms up I hear a grinding/slipping noise when I'm

A.climbing ditches,
B. gun it from a dead stop
C. power brake (hold down all brakes a hit the gas).

I was looking for some input assuming that my oil pressure and oil level is good.


* one other thought if I'm power braking and still hear the nosie does that rule out the hondamatic the noise actually sounds like its coming from the front output shaft.
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Tell me it's the clutch ?
I doubt if it's the clutch, but I could be wrong. I've never heard a clutch make any noises before. They usually just slip without making any noise. The Rubicon only has the centrifugal clutch, along with the Hondamatic unit.
I believe this is a shaft drive (but could be wrong)...I'd look there first.
Yep, it's a shaft drive.
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