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taking my Rancher for a camping trip!

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Hey just got a new Rancher about 6 months ago, and I'm ready to go out for a camping trip with a couple of friends. We live in Ohio, and were going to Vermont to ride in and camp. We should be there for about a week so I am very excited, also to test the Rancher out in some open woods! I've had the chance to ride it a round a little and just doing chores around the property, but this will be my first experience out in the woods! So i'll let you all know how it goes! Also I was wondering if anyone had any experience with mosquito netting ? I was going to get some for this trip, just one that goes over your sleeping bag, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with those, or suggestions for a better brand?
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Get you a thermacell its a insect repeller uses butane and some treated strips that are activated by the heat in the therma cell you can get one at Walmart in the sporting goods section. they work i use mine during hunting season and don't have any bugs bothering me and we have mosquitoes as big as turkeys in Mississippi.
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