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swapping motors

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I have a '88 2x4 fourtrax 300. The motor runs great, but needs some work elsewhere. I found a cheap 4x4 300 fourtrax that doesn't run, not sure of the year looks like maybe a 1992. Would the engines swap over with no problems? I would like to know if this would work before I buy it.
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I know making a 4wd engine from a 2wd engine can be done , I have a 4wd 300 engine that was built this way if you have the parts from the 4wd engine to swop onto the 2wd engine , but I wouldn't call it an easy swop

Just throwing it out there , another thing that is possible with the 300 and is a part of the above swop over , a TRX250 engine will fit on a 300 2wd frame if you change the out put shaft , so as to make the swingarm's drive shaft tube line up with the engine output , which is way you need to change the output shaft on the 2wd engine swop above ------------------ I was told that it can be done without splitting the case , if you are careful and lay the engine on it's side you can pull the output shaft and everything stays in place inside the case , then carefully slide the 300 output shaft in without anything falling apart inside ------ I remember when I tried to do it with a spare 250 engine , it sounded like a pin ball machine going off from all the gears falling into the case and then you have to figure where everything goes , I think it is safer to just split the case so everything stays put ------ I have had a 300 with a 250 engine that someone else had swopped , I had that 300 for a while before I figured out it was a 250 engine , still have the engine but a valve hit the piston , I knew it had a different feel to it , much more peppy
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Thanks for the input everyone. I just found out last night that the 4x4 got sold anyway. But this could be helpful in the future.

Let it be helpful in : if you want a 4wd then get a 4wd and don't buy or even get a 2wd free in hopes of swopping it over to 4wd
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