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swapping motors

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I have a '88 2x4 fourtrax 300. The motor runs great, but needs some work elsewhere. I found a cheap 4x4 300 fourtrax that doesn't run, not sure of the year looks like maybe a 1992. Would the engines swap over with no problems? I would like to know if this would work before I buy it.
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You can swap the motors, but you can't make the 2wd motor 4wd. You can swap the 2wd motor into a 4x4 frame, but you won't have a front driveshaft, and thus won't have 4x4.

What's wrong with your 2wd bike, and how cheap is the 4x4 bike?
ummmmmmm..yes, you can make the 2wd into a 4wd motor !!. thing is, yu'll need to split the motor, and change out the rear output drive shaft main shaft. and the left side cover. he'll run into a problem with the front frame for the differential though, as there is no welded nuts for the differential to bolt to.
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