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Superwinch on 2017 Foreman.

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I got a 3000lb Superwinch and installed it with the mount.. That part was a pain in the azz... especially since the skid plate won't go back on one side because the bolt doesn't feel like screwing back into the hole.. so I have to tie wrap it.

Now I was trying to find a place for the solenoid and
I thought the back trunk (storage space) was going to be a good place because I'll never use it.. so I mounted it there, just to realize the 6gauge cables aren't long enough to reach it.

Now I have to find another place to mount it and I am lost. The battery compartment is too small. I ain't a mudder or like to go through rivers.. all I'm doing is plowing snow and yard work, so I don't need the solenoid in a super water tight space..
Any suggestions?
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So I should buy more 6 gauge wire and extend it to the box in the very back?
Now to find some inexpensive 6 gauge wire someplace.. I only need a foot of each lol
Home Depot and Princess auto doesn't sell 6 gauge by the feet :(
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Got it working, I just bought more wire :D
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