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Superwinch on 2017 Foreman.

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I got a 3000lb Superwinch and installed it with the mount.. That part was a pain in the azz... especially since the skid plate won't go back on one side because the bolt doesn't feel like screwing back into the hole.. so I have to tie wrap it.

Now I was trying to find a place for the solenoid and
I thought the back trunk (storage space) was going to be a good place because I'll never use it.. so I mounted it there, just to realize the 6gauge cables aren't long enough to reach it.

Now I have to find another place to mount it and I am lost. The battery compartment is too small. I ain't a mudder or like to go through rivers.. all I'm doing is plowing snow and yard work, so I don't need the solenoid in a super water tight space..
Any suggestions?
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on the winch plate, I would make sure you get a bolt in there, the load from winching will tear a wire tie off and could bend things on you ion the process when it lets loose!

as for a place to place the solenoid ,
Like Mac said, you can always make the wires longer, or replace with one piece longer one's?

I have a rack on the back of my atv, that has a solid wood floor, so, I mounted mine under that stays dry there
if you wanted to get really creative, I gather you could stick it in a tupper ware container and then mount it under a fender like out of harms way
this way it will get a little extra protection from weather and what not's in a container

I am not sure on how body panels are on new atv's, but maybe if you have a quick on/off one, behind it some place
if you live close to the honda dealer, go back and look at atv's they already have winches on for idea's too LOL
the truck and longer wires sounds the easiest to me however
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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