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ok, i'll start like this. i have an 07 400ex. the clutch has been going bad after riding for several hours for about 2 months now. I had the clutch adjusted and and it worked well for awhile but started failing again after about 10 hours of riding.... i'll be honest the bike has been roughed up a bit (rolled abour 4 or 6 times). anyways, i was going to inspect the clutch assembly to make sure everything is lined up and adjusted internally... well i can't get the clutch cover off... it sounds stupid i know, and i feel stupid.... I've undone the oil feed lines, secured the dowel pins and o-rings in a small cup, 13 8mm bolts that surround the clutch plate are removed, one 10mm bolt that is on the bottom and slightly to the right is removed. clutch cable is disconeccted. the reverse engagement assembly is disconected, and the foot brake is out of the way.... after using the search everyone always says turn the clutch arm counterclockwise and hold, than remove the plate... i have done that, and i have used a rubber mallot to try and break the gasket free.... as far as i know the clutch plate has never been removed...... is there anything i am doing wrong.... any help anyone can offer would be great!!! please and thank you.:confused::eek:

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do you have a manual? i havve a honda service manual. it says to do what your saying. i believe you r having trouble with the right crank case cover the book says to in exact words

drain engine oil
remove brake pedal
remove th bolts and oilpipes from the cranck case cover
remove the o-rings and dowel pins
losen the lock nut and disconnect the reverse assist cable from the stopper arm, and remove it from the cable holder.
remove the nut, washer and stopper arm.
remove the bolts and clutch cable holder, and disconnect the cable from the lifter arm.
remove the right crankcase cover bolts and cable holder.
remove the right crankcase cover while turning the clutch lifter counterclockwise to disengage the lifter arm spindle from the piece

it sounds like you have done that if i had a scanner i would send you pics. i hope this helps you may have missed one of these things but the book says nothing about it being difficult to get off. GOOD LUCK if you need any more words from my book just let me know
by the way i have a 2007 trx 400ex
my book is a honda service manual for 2005-2009 honda trx400ex and trx400x you can get one at honda i think they r around 40 or 50 bucks they gave me one when i bought my bike i insisted on it they are a life saver
one again hope this helps
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