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Sunday Ride

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Went for a ride yesterday around the house. Here are a few pics from a big hill up the road from our house. The pictures don't really do it justice, you can see for miles.

More pics here if you want to look
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LOL We are at the edge of the Flint Hills, its actually quite hilly around my house.
How far are you from Syracuse, Ks?
415 Miles or 7 hours 11 min... :smile:
where is Flint Hills?
The Flint Hills, historically known as Bluestem Pastures or Blue Stem Hills[1], are a band of hills in eastern Kansas stretching into north-central Oklahoma, extending from Marshall County in the north to Cowley County, Kansas and Osage County, Oklahoma in the south.[2] Oklahomans generally refer to the same geologic formation as the Osage Hills.

and yes there are a few creeks near by the river is several miles north. also its believed that some of the hills out there are actually burial grounds where they just piled up bodies and burried them. I don't know that there is any truth to that or not. But there is a hill straight east of where I was that has a giant cross on it.
Wow never thought about that.. never done it either. Well you can always load up your 300 and bring it out. LOL
You would have to pull me out!:icon_frown:

HAHA well thats what the S-10 is for.
How far are you from Syracuse, Ks?
415 Miles or 7 hours 11 min... :smile:
There is a fun little sand dunes/riding area there. It's about 300 miles for me. Would you ever consider a road trip for a long weekend?

Syracuse Sand Syracuse, Kansas
OH YEAH I've heard of that place. I would consider it sometime, in fact I've got a buddy thats originally from that area that would probably love to go also. He's got a YFZ450. He's been trying to get me to go to Wynoka with him sometime but I haven't done it yet. I'm sure how much fun a utility quad can be in the sand dunes but I'm all for trying it out some time.
That sounds like fun I'll have to see what we can come up with this summer. Maybe my buddy and I can make a trip out there.
I will, I think it would be a blast! I've actually Talked about going somewhere for a trail ride sometime also, maybe Colorado or some place. Sometimes I get tired of the same old stuff around my house.
1 - 9 of 23 Posts
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