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How was the bike used? Mudded, flooded, abused?
What are their maintenance practices? What oil and filters did they use? Have they serviced the axles?
What has been fixed on it? What needs to be fixed?
What do they like, and not like, about it? Their joys or frustrations may be helpful in determining the quality of the ATV.
Has it been wrecked?
Did everybody ride it, or primarily the seller? Nobody takes care of something like their own stuff; people tend to not take care when riding someone else's machine.

I imagine that you are asking about 2001/TRX350 specifics, but don't neglect the general questions. And, keep in the back of your mind that the seller is willing to trade down, to an older bike. Why? There may be no other reason than want, or there may be a very good reason...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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