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OK so, finally got the legal crap out of the way, and can finally get my things off a farm I managed for yrs
I NOW have untill July 25th to remove all my things
there mostly farm tools and things for building food plots, BUt there are other things
I'm in North east PA, right off RT 80 in drums, OR these things are for right now
what I don't sell before July 25th is going to a friends farm at Zip code 18220(Delno PA)
as he is having a farm auction on sept 1st
I'd rather NOT move these things if I don;t have to, so rather sell and just load from where they are
But here is a list of what I have to sell

1969 chevy 3/4 ton, 8 ft bed 2x4 truck, V -8m, stick shift, 45,000 original miles and grage kept since bought new in 1969( I bought of owner and left it in there garage ever since!), hasn't moved since 2006 or so, and hasn't left the farm since about 1995 or so

1948 REO Speed Wagon 15K GVW truck, duel wheel,s, flat bed, also bought new in 1948, only used to haul some cows and some hay, has just 28k original miles and also has been garage kept since bought new!, hasn't left the garage since about 1970??

International harvester Model H(forget yr, will update later today when I double check serial number for yr)
run's fine, had a front bucket added to it, yrs back, but original owner sold bucket to a neighbor, and then I got the tractor, was also, bought new, and parked under a 3 sided/roofed building
runs fine, has a wide front end on it

A International Harvester Model 340, has 2 point fast hitch set up, narrow front end and is a gas motored model(comes in both diesel and gas) also have to double check yr, but also was bought new and kept under same building as the H is
runs fine and has a few attachments set uop for use on it
that incluse the following, all for sale

a two row bottom plow, on fast hitch set up
a sickle mower
a JD two row corn planter, a single row corn harvester head, a 6 ft box blade scraper

there is also 2, 8 ft gang disc's, ONE has slotted front blades other smooth all round!

one was rebuilt in 2013, other is in good shape as well

a 9 ft spring tooth harow

a 10 ft wide double row culti packer

a ATV spring Harrow, 3 ft wide

one 12 ft hay wagon, in great shape

one 10 ft hay wagon that is JUST a frame, needs new wheels and tires and all decking

a old steel wheeled grain drill(think its a New Holland)

two old elevators used to load Hay into a second floor barn

a 14 ft semi V aluminum fishing boat

a THINK 10 ft OLD canoe, don't know exact size or make? just its an old one stored in a barn there

an older wood stove

AN old roll top desk

a whole bunch of older hand tools and buckets of nuts and bolts, pully's , and like items that build up over the yrs on a 100+ yr old farm

an older riding mower, don't know name brand or HP (will be there tomorrow to look better)

and that's all that comes to mind right now, sure there is more

BUT if anyone is interested in an of the above, let me know, and can see about getting pic's and or??
as for prices??
make me an offer
it all HAS to be moved, so,if I don't have to relocate it the better/less work for me
but I ain't giving the stuff away either LOL
just fair honest prices here
as again , what I don;t sell is going to the auction, and will be then what it will be??
MOST of these things I used for making food plots i=on this farm for the past 16+ yrs there
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