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Stuck Kickstarter

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My name is Jimmy, and I just purchased a late 80's Honda Fourtrax 300cc 4x2. It was a price I couldn't pass up.

The kickstarter is stuck, and upon getting it home, there is very little oil in the crankcase. I plan on filling it up, and seeing of it will at least turn over.

Is there any special precautions I should take? I'm not new to ATV's but this is my first Honda. I have never had one in this condition before.

Even if I had to rebuild the motor, I would be ahead of the game, as the ATV is in pretty decent shape, and it will be a backup for my business. (I'm a land surveyor).

Thanks for any advice,

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Agree^^^^^^ also anothe trick is Marvel Mystery oil coupl of table spoons of that will loosen up the rust and rings if it has been sitting.
or dump some good fresh Coca Cola in the cylinder... yes I said CocaCola you will be surprised what coke is capable
this is providing it's stuck from sitting. this will not work if it due to abuse lack of oil ect. ect.
Agree^^^^ you also may want to add about a teaspoon of Tranny fluid in the cylinder first and just crank it over without the plug in for a few min just to smoot out the walls again the do as helnut suggested. if it runs I would definitely run a compression test to see where you are sitting at.
Keep in mind once you add tranny fluid in the cylinder and you get it running it will smoke like a freight train for a few minutes until it burns off the residue, these aren't 2-strokes ya
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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