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Stuck Kickstarter

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My name is Jimmy, and I just purchased a late 80's Honda Fourtrax 300cc 4x2. It was a price I couldn't pass up.

The kickstarter is stuck, and upon getting it home, there is very little oil in the crankcase. I plan on filling it up, and seeing of it will at least turn over.

Is there any special precautions I should take? I'm not new to ATV's but this is my first Honda. I have never had one in this condition before.

Even if I had to rebuild the motor, I would be ahead of the game, as the ATV is in pretty decent shape, and it will be a backup for my business. (I'm a land surveyor).

Thanks for any advice,

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Well I got the motor freed up

The motor was not locked up. It was slighty seized, but I was able to turn it over with my foot by gently pushing down on the kickstarter.

We checked, and are getting fire at the plug. We pulled the carberator off, and cleaned it, and replaced a broken fuel line.

We cannot get it to start

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the responses.

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Thanks everyone for the help. Hopefully the weather will break soon, and the snow and ice will melt off quickly. I don't have a garage to work in, so I have to work outside (don't have room in the shed).

I'll let everyone know what I find out.
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