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stuck brake on an 87' 250x

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my front left brake is hanging up... i removed it and can push the piston back and seperate the brake pads but when i remount it and hit the front brake it doesn't release on the left side and i cant spin the front all completely frozen. any help would be great..

thanks jason
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just a theroy here..but..have you tried putting some grease on the brake shoe pad runner bolts ?..i'm thinking the shoe holes might be binding on the caliper brake pad bolts..worth a shot to look into :).
might have some air in it ??..don't know..just a hunch though :)
ahhh...never ran across that problem helmut..i'll take note of this :)
nice going jsmay !! tear up something else on it..we need to give some more advice !
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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